linda-tipkeMeet Linda Tipke, Owner of Adirondack Ayurveda!

Everyday I wake to a beautiful view of West Mountain outside my picture window. I am immediately aware of the stillness in the wee hours of the morning, which is followed by a profound sense of nature and its elements. I gaze and take in the vastness of space, ether, akash, above and beyond the mountain. I notice air, vayu, as it gently sways the treetops and flags at the base of the face. In the distance, fire, agni, shows its energy as the sun rises, peeking through the horizon. I see apas, water, be it in a puddle or birdbath or snow or rain or the glistening dew on blades of grass. Earth, prithvi shows itself in the tall, stable trees and strength of the mountain. Soon the birds, rabbits and squirrels stir, and morning is singing her song of a new day. I await the time when I will step outdoors and nature, comprised of her elements, envelopes all my senses and embraces me, acknowledging that I am part of her as she is part of me.

Hello, and welcome to my website! I would like to introduce myself as a teacher with 35 years of General and Special Education experience. I also hold a 650 hour Ayurvedic Health Counselor Certification from the Kripalu School of Ayurveda in Massachusetts and a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification through the Yoga Lily in Clifton Park, N.Y. As a member of the staff of the Yoga Nook in Glens Falls I instruct Yoga for the Special Child®, Beginning Yoga/Level 1 and Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra. I substitute teach in the Queensbury, Lake George, Glens Falls, South Glens Falls and BOCES school districts. In addition, I tutor students in grades k-5 and children with disabilities. I specialize in helping students on the spectrum in all areas related to school, home and community.

I am combining my background in education with the teachings of Ayurveda, the 5,000 year-old Science of Life from India. I feel passionate about helping children, teens and adults achieve health and wellness by understanding their individual constitution, relationship with the environment, diet and lifestyle. Through this knowledge one can develop and maintain a balance of mind, body and soul. I am a member of NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association).

My husband and I are the proud parents of three grown sons. Recently he and I moved to the Lake George area from southern Connecticut and are enjoying the friendly community and beautiful Adirondacks. I have a private practice, Adirondack Ayurveda, and can be contacted through email, [email protected], or phone 518-538-7712 for consultations, workshops or tutoring sessions.