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Self Care Tips for the Winter

As I look across the street at West Mountain 5 flags are waving non stop in the wind. Going outdoors I feel the breeze rough on my face, sometimes blowing into my ears. My eyes [...]

NEW! Ayurveda-Yoga Class via Zoom

COMING FALL 2022 Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences. Ayurveda is the science and Yoga is the practice of the science. Both advocate for health through the regular practice of yoga, pranayama, meditation, proper diet [...]

Soup’s On!

During Autumn the leaves change color and seem to create a blanket on the ground, as if warming mother earth. As the seasons change, we change our clothing, activities, and even our clocks! Our bodies [...]

Helping Teens Cope with Testing

Recently I was asked by Kristin Bergin, Queensbury High School Health Teacher, Health Ed Department Chair and Parent University Coordinator on behalf of her students to share an Ayurvedic perspective on how to reduce stress [...]

Why Cleanse, and Why in the Spring?

Simply, because it is what nature does. Animals rouse from hibernation, a time where they lived off fats and proteins accumulated in the late fall. The awakening in the spring is part of the natural [...]

Building a Back to School Routine, Ayurveda Style

Here in upstate NY the new school year begins September 8. Right now children are hoping the summer will never end, and parents are simultaneously checking off the calendar, buying school supplies and enjoying the [...]

Welcome to the Adirondack Ayudveda Blog!

Hello, my name is Linda Tipke. I am the founder and owner of Adirondack Ayurveda in Queensbury, NY. I have a Masters degree in Elementary and Special Education with 35 years of experience in working [...]

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