Simply, because it is what nature does. Animals rouse from hibernation, a time where they lived off fats and proteins accumulated in the late fall. The awakening in the spring is part of the natural cleansing and rejuvenating mechanism in their bodies. Since spring’s food source, plants, fruits and berries are scarce, choices are limited. The diet is non-fat, forcing the metabolism to burn off its acquired fat cells, releasing the toxins they hold to be eliminated from the body. In short, cleansing clears the channels of the body from toxins (ama, an Ayurvedic term) which have built up from the prior season.

As part of nature we too go through a process of detoxifying and resetting our digestive fire, keeping in tune with daily and seasonal cycles. Cleansing is familiar to our bodies. In fact, we detox daily in the early hours of the morning when the liver removes toxins while we sleep, when we sneeze, cough, sweat, shed a tear, and even pass gas without us having to think about it. These toxins are caused by undigested foods, thoughts, emotions, preservatives, pollutants, even DDT and cancer causing chemicals. Inherent intelligence drives our body to clear those blocked up channels which are responsible for the mind feeling foggy, bad breath and body odor, ill emotions, indigestion, a noticeable coating on the tongue and general feelings of being out of balance. When these symptoms appear, it is because our body is telling us it is on overload and needs help.

By making a conscious decision to keep with the cycle and rhythms of nature through cleansing, we rest and restore or digestive fire, which is key to health, supporting what nature already has in place for us. We receive the benefits of improved digestion and metabolic function, a nourished lymphatic system, released mental toxins, experience lightness, improved energy and clarity.

Finally, detoxifying is not only done in the spring. Ayurveda teaches that it can be undertaken any time of the year. Cleansing is especially beneficial at the junctions between the seasons when our bodies are transitioning anyway. One can cleanse in a day, 3-4 days, up to 45 days too. Regardless of how many days you choose, the process is the same, beginning with slight preparation, the cleanse itself, followed with a few suggestions for rejuvenation days after.

Cleansing may seem overwhelming. If you are interested in guidance choosing a simple, straightforward supportive, 3 or 4 day cleanse, coupled with gentle yoga and relaxation suggestions, I am available for an Ayurvedic Consultation and an appointment can be made according to your schedule. You may also contact me through this website or by calling me at 518-538-7712.


*You must be 16 years of age or older
*Cleansing is not appropriate during menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or for anyone who is feeling weak or ill.